Letra de Bounce

Letras de LMFAO


To my freakys [x6]
Shit, got the flow whip we the new thang lmfao
came to make it bang I'm a just be rip dancin on my soul
I wanna see you grip that sofa then pop it slow pop
that booty baby make it swang jiggle jiggle girl do yo
thang now pop it up on yer tippy toes let me see that
coochy for them hippy hoes we got that...
I got my sippy sippy I'm feelin tippy tippy I got my bitches
with me until we gettin dizzy we don't stop till they
turn on the lights, call the cops

Ayo I'm a jiggalo dancin on the flor with a pockin a doe
aye if you see walkin if you 2 steppin if yer crankin
dat it don't matter pimpin repeat... to my freakys...

Even on myspace they call my shit the bomb if I keep it up
I'll have more friends then tom sky blu baby I'm sumthin
new baby How you decribe yer style call me the new 80s
golld chains jus frames the women all up on us cause
we entertain stay fly no lie my momma named me sky
so high I ain't yer pusher main but I got what chu need a
double dose of foo a double dose of me so if ya see walkin
and ya 2 steppin if yer crankin dat it don't, matter pimpin...