Lil Wayne

Letra de Boom Bap

Letras de Lil Wayne

"Boom Bap"

Momma don't cry
I know papa gone away
Grandpa gone and grandma ain't coming home today
Don't worry cause your son’s still the one
Though I'm under the gun I'm aiming for the sun
Dwayne Micheal Jr, born that
But I changed my name to Wayne
And nigga I ain't goin back
I'm kinda little but I figured I’d be bigger if I sold crack
So I sold that
OG’s from the block told me ‘youngin hold that’
So I held dat
Got on front street and then I fell back
Became well at cookin it tell it smell flat
Vaseline it up and ship it out in jail packs
I failed at what the teacher used to yell about
Junior High was prison
High school was the bail out
But my momma knew her baby boy was fresher
Than a baby bottom in new Pampers on campers

My Mama Mia ain't raise no Fredo
And Rabbit showed me how to make more out of quelo
You gotta make that thing flow like a ?
And keep getting money like I'm on the payroll
And if anybody slowing the payroll
I gotta turn his fitted cap to a halo

So get adapt to the case loads of crack
The yayo, the smack
The face blows
The gats
We expose a rat
And turn that ho into tomatoes or plants
And yeah I smoke back to back to back l
Like I’m on two tracks but you ain't feeling that
I'm ducking the county boys with they billy bats
I got my dogs with me lookin out for silly cats
Ball with me
Weezy where the city at
And If I fall stay up
Cuz I’m’a get it back


People always tell me I'm heavy I say believe that
But I don't get all full off the feedback
I'm where the G's at
We like “where the G’s at?”
Kick door hands high or get your knees blacked
If I don't take everything I'm’a be back
And I'm stickin to my word like bees wax
He acts an asshole for these stacks
C Notes not B Flats, ya understand me
Few leaves left the sole tree standing
Just as quick as the wind blew they went too
I’m in too deep, my roots go deeper than the spot
Where their bodies shouldn’t sleep
I probably shouldn’t speak like that
But it be like that
Never let a nigga with a knife see my back
I’m outta here
Let me see my hat
And I rock it so low I can’t see where I’m at