Lil Wayne

Letra de D.O.A.

Letras de Lil Wayne


[Verse 1:]
Uh, Fiji water granddaddy purp
Excuse me I let the semiautomatic burp
Blood game mothafucka call me red alert
Young Carter kill in order, who get it first
Stuff that girl with dick till her head bust
Young Weezle flow needles I can thread shirts
Boy you ain't did shit I had done said worst
Flip your fitted cap back like Fred Durst
Uh, Fiji water OG kush, yeah, I drink verses and eat hooks
Got the stove on my waist, and we cooks
I'm in the way you can't pass like Aaron Brooks
Uh, President ride the car slow, I let my driver drive, I'm on par 4
Spit hangin from my mouth retard flow
And I say what I want like an award show
I'm on some shit ain't even come out the ass yet
Sit back and watch the green grow like the grass wet
Young or old their ain't no comparin me
I just cleared that up
Moment of clarity, Uh

[Verse 2:]
Uh, I'm about to go almonds, young head bussa, get your helmets
You niggas real soft what is that velvet
I get big chips, you get Alvins
Uh, I'm a bout to go walnuts,
we get seven digit money you can call us
Hit 'em with the choppa, watch 'em ball up
Paint your face red, your all dolled up
Yeah, Young Nino nigga, I do it for my team Tim Tebow nigga
I'm killing this shit grim reflow nigga
Gettin swallowed by the mayback deep throat nigga
Uh, I'm a bout to go platinus, I'm still in my prime, Deion Sanders
We all gamblers, I will not lose
Flow precious as diamonds, I drop jewels
Uh, Gimme mine or I'm a take mine
Smokin purple, I heard till the grape vine
Weezy Baby aka your highness, I just killed this shit
Moment of Silence, Uh

[Verse 3:]
Uh, I'm in the zone like a fastball, and I
fuck the game like a bad call
Let the money stack, don't let the cash fall
Bars all day, no last call
Uh, I'm in the redzone nigga, wake
up in the mornin with your head gone nigga
Birdman Jr. wings spread on niggas,
leave the beef in the streets and bring the bread home nigga
Yeaah, tell the doctor step aside please,
Dr. Carter gasoline in your IV's
Strong dry weed, make my eyes bleed,
strong arm rap, I rock an iron sleeve
Uh, I'm in the zone like the secondary,
no lie bitch I'm flyer than a pet canary
I'm a dog on the beat fuck the veterinary,
two women praise me like mary mary
Uh, I'm in the zone like college ball,
spit fire like I'm sippin on a molotov
Lose sparrows, this shit so easy
Jay-Z: I might sing this to the mixtape Weezy