Lil Wayne

Letra de Ain't I

Letras de Lil Wayne

"Ain't I"

Verse 1: Jae Millz]
I'm the real, I'm the authentic, the fact and the truth
It's Jae Millz, brown skin, but I'm black in the booth
And for the green or that white, you'll see red
Mushroom bullets hit your body then they spread
Then your ass dead, no need for a hospital room or a bed
Just tell his momma to get him some nice threads
So at least he'll be a bitch ass nigaa dyin' in style
He didn't want to look up to me now he gotta look down
Somebody better tell em on these beats I'm a beast
Half man half animal like king on Tekken
I'll wreck him, hell ya Young Money is what I'm reppin'
Respect em' or I'll put you on that highway to heaven
Matter of fact pussy you'll get your own lane
With no speed limits so you can get there in a minute
It's Dedication 3, there's no replacin' we
That's like askin' a group of Muslims where that bacon be
Straight Grand Patron flow, there is no chasin' me
And that amnesia is what my medication be
That's that Amsterdam grade A, I'm smokin' in the Netherlands
So high that I'll probably fuckin' never land

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Muthafuckin' psychopath
Young Money cave men, muthafuck a Geico add
Fo' Fo' bulldog, fuck around and bite yo ass
Shittin' on you bitches now let me flush the toilet and wipe my ass
Bitch I'm ballin' I like my cash, no I'm lying I love my dough
Got them hoes fallin' like a hundred million dominoes
But I don't eat pizza, I eat pussy when he wouldn't
Holla at ya guala, yeah bitch it's me
Kickin' muthafuckas out the kitchen heat
I'll put you where the fishes sleep
And when they wake, you'll be the fishies feast
Yeah, I'm a shark you see my fin ho
Bullet leave a hole in ya face, not a dimple
Straight from the N.O., it's no problemo
To put a nigga brains on the muthafuckin' window
Ugh, damn right I'm nasty
How I come through in that white eyed Aston
The leather guts and might I add in
It's black on chrome like Darren McFadden
Yeah, and don't be comparin my swag with
These wack-ass niggas thats o-so-swagless
Yeah, and call me Mr. Swag-more
Gotcha girlfriend open like some fuckin' pores
Or open like some fuckin doors, nigga it's fuck you and I'm fucking yours
From the bedroom to the floors...whores