Lil Wayne

Letra de Fly Talkin'

Letras de Lil Wayne

"Fly Talkin'"

Ladies and Gentleman
We've got a young man tonight that started out with Cash Money
And gonna finish with Cash Money
Ya'll know him as Lil Weezy
Off the Heezy, Fo Sheezy
Better believe me
And he is, Birdman Junior
500, 500, 500, Degreez, please
Ain't that some lovely shit? Bitch
Keep coughin, he cough too much
Wipe em down, I wipe em down
It's 500 motherfucker

I tell you, this summer is on lockdown
Handlin' business, taking care of baby mammas
Takin' care of bustas, takin' care of pimps

I love them hoes, I love them hoes
I pimp a bitch, 500 Degreez nigga