Lil' Kim

Letra de Winners and Losers (skit)

Letras de Lil' Kim

"Winners and Losers (skit)"

Let's be real about it pimp.
How long did you think that she would just take it? huh?
You thought that she was just gonna take it.
All you hot, new, young, fresh bitches doin old shit old shit been done. remember remember i Remember im sure you remember too.
Remember when she first came out.
Remeber she was sexy and ohh look at this bitch? Who does this bitch thinks she is ?
showin her shit why can't she just rap.
Remember thats what you said and now look the fuck are you talking about.
What whatcha mad at her for. huh? whatcha say. Her tities got big bitch you got your regular tities.
Why didn't they work for you huh? what did ya say.
Oh that excuses just admitted nigga that there are winners and losers.
Shes a winner, yous a motherfuckin loser.
Thats what you do be good at be the best loser you can be.
And if that dont work out for ya do this one favor SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH