French Montana

Letra de Montana

Letras de French Montana


[Intro: Koko Taylor]
Oh, yeah
Everything, everything, everything gon' be alright, God
Oh, yeah (Coke Boy, baby)

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Haan, yeah
Graduated, but I'm aggravated
From the half that made it, we was drinkin', faded
Me and life and death is half-related (Half-related)
Masturbatin' on a scale for a hundred million, askin' God how we made it
Watchin' John David Robinson, now my dawg robbin' son, half a David
Freedom got confiscated
We mob-related
John Gotti, RICO, life like a free throw
Yeah, school of gladiators
Makin' Salaat on a fox rug, black gloves, hot slugs
For these cold women
Militant like the Middle East
Go from ménages, six-nines to 6ix9ine conspiracies
Triple threat, trinity
Triangle office, label execs get all the profit
They hit your brain, mop it clean
What type of fiends?
Put the needle in your ass, keep they table green
Multi-millionaire, strapped like O-Dog
Can't teach new tricks to old dogs

[Refrain: French Montana]
I told mama pray for me, baby, wave it for me
Got a cage waitin' for me, that hate came for me
Millions, I made from it, them chains waitin' for me
The change I made from it, Montana ain't a dummy, haan

[Verse 2: French Montana]
New year, half a mil', my face on the bill (Bill), hit Cabo, chill
Desperado with an AR like guitar ('Tar), Montana John Stockton (Stockton)
If there's a movie out, play the Al Pacino part (Ah)
Mama raise a star, and you been a mark
Not even Cuban, smokin' Cuban cigars in Cuba (Hey)
Lost Chinx, lost Max, lost Penthouse
Drinkin', smokin', feel empty in this penthouse (Ah)
Mansion's like a campus
Ranches like rainbow smoke
Forty-one shots like Diego
Shout to Abel, I turn the weekends to the weekdays
PJs to the PJs, the week like four nights and three days (Four nights)
Yes, I
Big like the kid from Bed-Stuy, just stop
Stylist, I be dressin', the bitches, don't be stressin'
Money with the best of them, C.R.E.A.M. like Meth and them
I made it even in the game of odd
Everybody kickin' game, tell the bitch the truth, she think you God

[Refrain: French Montana]
Tell mama to pray for me, feds got a name for me, cell waitin' for me
Mils I made from it, them chains waitin' for me
Change I made from it, Montana ain't a dummy, haan

[Outro: Koko Taylor]
La música de Harry Fraud
It's nothing to take me higher