Letra de Trapped

Letras de Eminem


Big Proof
Rest in peace dude we love you
We just wanna get makin u proud uh!
Big! Big! Big! Big! Big! Big!

My life is trapped in these line
thats why im packin these nines
I gotta rap
I ant dyin thats on the back of my mind
got a strap made of iron ant relax on this grind
bendover backwords to these slackers so
they don't snap my spine natturaly high gotta focus
lookin over my shoulder
Proof gettin it poppin like soda hold up!

we ant nothin but soldiers

slow up

the gun is loaded

roll up

the beffin we leavin is cold

If em say it I spray I say it
If he will I kill it we kilpatrick and
I'll it show detriot ya'll can feel it
Real actors,guns on my wastelines and
at war we don't waste time
Yall can take a punch if 50 can take nine (shots)
we got school crafts pair 7,8 and
dexter im up in hollis spendin dollars
Yes sir ur decture is *****
betchya flinch when proof shoot up the coup and yall will clique!