Letra de American Psycho II

Letras de Eminem

"American Psycho II"

Yeah homie
I thought we told you
We been fuckin' loco
Cypress Hill, D12 bitch

I'm a little bit off the chain
Call me insane, but the fact remains
that I'm a psycho
Better get it through your brain
when you say my name, never say it in vain
'cause I'm a psycho

We fuckin' crazy
We'll fuckin' snap in a minute, bitch!

I'm a motherfuckin' omen, I bow down to no man
Split a nigga open, killin' folks compulsive
A soldier with a motive, scrotum big as boulders
I hold 'em then unload on you, put it on a poster
So everyone can notice who was focused on us
Pokin' they nose in our business, hopin' that I don't come smoke 'em
No one knows my notions or emotions, I'm a vulture
You niggas close to croakin' any moment and I know when
I could fuck the culture up, probably rap
A maniac wit' anxiety attacks, I don't wanna chat
Speak when you spoken to
And I don't have to read a fuckin' magazine or quotable
To notice what you ho's will do

We all soldiers
We move as a unit, we all roll up
And show up at your residence, light your front door up
Get scared, life ain't fair
And I'm prepared to blast you just as fast as Dre can say "Hell yeah"
So watch what you say
'cause it can happen either today or the next minute
I can draw the heater and spray and I'm dead serious
You could be dead period, end of story
I'm on your porch wit' a gun and your son, sippin' a forty
Nobody can hold me, I does it all by my lonely
I stomp your head when you awake, you be looking like Gumby
Aftermath and Shady bitch, you can read it and weep
You see my poster in the 'hood for the "G of the Week"

[B-Real] I'm a little bit off the chain, call me insane
But the fact remains that I'm a psycho
[Swifty] Heh, you know what? I am crazy, heh, it' hell, haha
[B-Real] Better get it through your brain
When you say my name, never say it in vain 'cause I'm a psycho
[Swifty] Heh, nigga I'm 'bout to snap in any minute nigga, evacuate!

They found Saddam, but they ain't gon' find me
I'll be under a tree, in Buttfuck Tennessee (Hahahahaha)
And I don't know too much about my daddy
except he spit in my face and fucked me in my fanny (uh huh)
I ain't a racist, I just hate whites, fags and dykes, blacks and transvestites
13 years old and joined a fucking gang
hair under my ass cheeks feeling the fuckin' pain
Am I insane? Who really knows
'cause any second my temper can fuckin' blow
I get colder than December
Black the fuck out, tomorrow won't even remember
See Bizarre can show what violence is all about
and this Dr. Dre beat done brought it the fuck out
Run in your house, and put it in your mouth
and blow your brains the fuck out

I probably got a screw loose or two, or maybe three or four of 'em
Some fell out and hit the floor
All I know is ever since my fuckin' head hit the snow bank
I been a little Neanderthalish, no thanks to my man D'Angelo Bailey
But I just take it slow daily, my biggest dilemma's
Tryin' to figure whether to use the flat head or the Phillips
Or just go to the Home Depot and pick the new power drill up
Gives me two hours and six days and I'm still up
I feel like I'm 'bout to snap any minute
There's a new Tower Records about to stop and get a fill-up
Pick the new Cypress Hill up
And go find who did that shit to Xzibit
And go fill up a whole liquor bottle with piss
and shatter his fuckin' lips wit' it


Karnail Pitts a.k.a. Bugz
Rest in peace homie