Letra de Elevate

Letras de Drake


Elevate, elevate
Only obligation is to tell it straight
So much on my plate I gotta delegate
Baka pass a drug test, we gotta celebrate
I'm in better weight, thinking how I make all this happen for myself and my family
All this happen for myself and my family
There's no way that this is real, man, it can't be

Yeah, yeah
If you need me, you can call me
I stay busy making money
You know what is on my mind
All I think about is hunnids
I stay busy working on me, homie
I stay busy with my business, homie
I already hit her when you left her lonely
She is not the type that likes to take things slowly
Slowly, my mouth is going off, I don't know patience
I got a chance, then my niggas got it too like it's contagious
See the future when I get wavy (wavy [?])
But I couldn't picture being champagne
When I would buy that shit and save it for the right occasion
I couldn't picture changes when I was with Ms. Craten
That lady hates me
Couldn't picture wifing Braden
When I was pumping gas on road trips to go from Cincinnati on to Dayton
I couldn't gage it
I wanna thank God for working way harder than Satan
He's playing favorites