Letra de Pianist Hands (Skit #1)

Letras de Drake

"Pianist Hands (Skit #1)"

Thank you Ms.
Graham for coming today.
You look very nice today, sorry, that's not professional, I guess.
They say in Canada, don't mingle business with pleasure, or something like that So, we have to talk about Aubrey, or how he likes to be called, Drake.
As I always like to say, there is room for improvement in his learning from piano.
He talks a lot, huh?
He socialize when I'm teaching.
Okay, and when it's time for him to play, he doesn't have pianist hands.
If you need example: me, Mozart, and Ray Charles all of us have pianist hands.
I'm the only one living with this hands, I guess.
Heh I'm kidding, I'm just kidding.
Umm it seems like he likes the music and he obviously has a reason, but there is so much room for improvement, you know?
Speaking of improvement, I don't think you, Ms.
Graham need any of it.
Heh I'm kidding, I'm just kidding, haha