Letra de Ransom feat Lil Wayne

Letras de Drake

"Ransom feat Lil Wayne"

[Drake talking]
its drizzy baby
you already know what it is
its the first time Im high
its the first time I smoked in like 3 months
Im sorry mom I had to do it to em
forty I see you
Oh I see you homie
I stay late tonight right
you know what happen when I stay late, heh
boy wonder
I swear its like this every single time
Toronto I got you
I got us

Im a hard gotta get along wit
get on a song wit
where shit be going right
well I just flip it to the wrong shit
the team that I belong to
tha artists I put on wit
dont ever ask for nothin cause them niggaz got they own shit
feel Weezy like a mouthful of hot peppers
black Ferrari with the red seats
I call it playin checkers
Im never doing verses
Im forever giving lectures
if youre tryna meet with money
Id be happy to connect ya
life is, better than its ever been
scheduling million dollar meetings with the president
someone cut the lights, oh
where is Thomas Edison

got a new condo watch me as I settle in
I deserve a MTV show for me and my people
and if you tryna zone I got a whole swisher sweet full
rappers are liars and their women are deceitful
adding till they subtract me I never be a equal
last place Drizzy is the nigga in the lead now
Weezy told me just write every single thing you need down
then he got it for me and Im happy as can be now
bout to start ballin like Im coming off a rebound
and I shall have the most bragging rights
because a nigga spit crack, bag it tight
hate when rappers say they tryna get they swagger right
cause I done came Im mo fire than a dragon fight
you pussyhater you should do you
you aint heard of me then you should go and get a Blues Clue
oops I mean a red clue
Waynes here, su WOO
bet he felt that like the end of a pool cue
but I aint banging I aint waving no flag
Im ATF but they aint seein no badge
its heartbreak Drake I hate to see em so sad
I could son you, see a little me in yo dad
Im the same little boy that used to play up on Degrassi
he can pocket twenty thousand to be anywhere they ask, me
Cash like Johnny, Banks like Ashley
burning like a Camel Light
stupid hoe ash me
but dont ask me shit about me
and no the game really aint shit without me
she might have to pay me but I dick her down free
wanna know if its the truth then pull the zipper down and see
no homo though

[Lil Wayne]
Im goin
Drizzy I got us
This is my promise
Ima bring that barrel to them bitches
Eye liners and what I make up will up your skin
I pick the buck up and buck buck and buck buck again
I will butt your friend then suck up her twin
I put the buck up to him then buck buck and buck buck and buck buck again
suck nut you dumb your unlovin kin
now dont rub it in
like Lubriderm on a new tattoo I had to
kick my princess up out my castle dad who
never had that dude
always had a black tool
even when I was at school cuz bullies arent bulletproof
red scarf hoodie too
probably aint as hood as you
stupid motherer the only thing in the hood is you
I do everything good as you know I do everything better
I get paid for every letter ABC etc.
fetch a bone, like a dog motherer
I am goin for you neck in a sec in a sep
bring it back like work in the trunk
and my exit comin up yup
ya I am headed for the buck like
buck buck again might fly to LA and just Karen
nah Karen lets get bucks again
and in spend them bucks and then just Karen
if I told u ima do it I did it
got my city on my fitted
bout to pop a lets get it
lets get it motherer what you waitin on
it is about a minute past piston and im bout to get shitted Im wit it
if money is the it you want me with
and ill probably just spit on the chick you wont be with
and I hate a bony bitch only like em only thick
and I own hiphop if you dont spit Im gon evict
and I just sold a lot of property to a buyer
and I think his name was kinda like drake drizzy rogers or
drizzy drake rogers im too busy to play father
and when it comes to the game Im to willing to play harder
so harder I go there he go
they chant mvp when I shoot a free-throw, CEO
jazz what it do
the haters on that face and then theiris a shoe
faster than you
badder than you
radder than you, etcetera
I told u I get paid by the letter like
See top, yes he rock
and me and drizzy both wrote on detox
that was just a foot note
how long can he could go
wonderin when he stop?
bitch when the beat stop
so ima keep rockin
till the sheetrock bend
and that heat I send
burn skin
the end
young mula baby, un huh