Letra de Closer (feat. Andreena Mill)

Letras de Drake

"Closer (feat. Andreena Mill)"

I remember me an D used to talk bout dis kinda stuff all tha
time like wat its gone be like wen u get closer to ur dreams...I
didnt kno much
then but I proly kan tell u alittle sumthan now

(Verse 1)
mister big dreams
no tolerance
cut u at tha house
an have a hollow sense
get bored quickly
he stay grown
so tha P.A-trone
had to get pored quickly
ex girl strippen
i cant stoppa
new girl trippen
but i cant droppa
cuz i need sumthan
to balance out tha fact
dat its hard to find a women
wen u talented an black
wen u hollerin at labels
an dey silencin u back
cuz u feel dat therally
disguise sum violence in ur track
gunshot for tha young
yeh i owner
you c its everybody else
den dares 1 top lowner
1st place
is often tha worst place
but fuck it i love it here
i call it ma birth place
wenever i walk in
dey makin tha worst face
surrounded by phillipinos
i think of tha worst case
watch warm green diomonds
i call it tha earth face
im gettin ur cake
I'll tell u how ur desert taste
i get a desert plate
i eat pedigree as ya meal
i been erkal sum years
dis betta be in jaleel
doe i rock lean snap
it betta be an its real
its betta drivin a car
wit tha letter B in tha wheel
see babe
light sayin tank on E
i got tha drank on me
u betta bank on me
to be tha 1 an only nigga
dat u aint gone
in tha club wit a model
spillin dranks on me
give me 20
an tha tank on 3
im n tha range bumpin keisha cole
singin of key like


ima spare yall
Y u wanna judge me
i dnt never compare
tha city is mine
i kno it because im thare yall
it aint really started
im really tryin to prepare yall
spring 07
second quater im droppin
with or without a label
man im cummin in to poppin
an take over tha summer
tour to tour hoppin
ima meet alot of women
ima do alot of shoppin
dare aint no other option
spend alot of money
jus to make it back
anbody out dare steal a song
i wont take it back
same rappers dats all in your face
sayin drake is whack
r checkin ma invellibilty
jus make a track
i promise momma ima do it
cuz i kno i put u threw it
an i just want u to sit around
wit ur friends at tha dinner table
an say ma baby famous an i
kneeewww it
an it wasnt nuttin to it
im drawin an drew it
till tha pin was out of fluid
tha ballpiont run out
tha all jionts cum out
rappers r fake
we can all point 1 out