Letra de Doing His Thing

Letras de Drake

"Doing His Thing"

T. Slack, I promise I got 'em, homie!

[Verse 1]
I turn the phone off, I let the seat back
I'mma be out for a minute, I'll bring the heat back
The jet-setta and forever will I get chedda
And y'all will only get cash when you get betta
Check luggage, flow to a new city
Plus, the hoodie cover my eyes
I'm too pretty, nah, I'm just playin'
Heavy is how I weigh in
Top floor with a view of the water is what I stay in
But y'all don't hear me, yeah, y'all ain't relatin'
Well, let me tell you what happens when I be datin'
These chicks with ass fully skip they class
Catch me at the hotel and try and get that cash
But, I'm not stupid, nah -- I'm tight fisted
You tryna sex me for money is quite twisted
Prior to fall, I was lying to y'all
So if you gettin' one ring, I'm denyin' ya call

Let him breathe, let him live
Let him be, let him do it on his own
He a G, he just doin his thing
Gotta love that
Let him go, let him fall
Let him grow, if you feelin where he's at let him know
He just doin his thing
Gotta love that