Alicia Keys

Letra de Butterflyz

Letras de Alicia Keys



Lately when I look into your eyes
I realize, you’re the only one I need in my life
Baby, I just don’t know how to describe
How lovely you make me feel inside.

You give me butterflies
Got me flying in the sky
I can‘t control the butterflies

It seems like a lovely dream
From the start you told me
I would be your queen
But, never had I imagined such a feeling
Joy is what you bring me
I wanna give you everything

Repeat Chorus x 2

You and I
Are destiny
I know that
You were made for me

Oh..I can’t control it
You are driving me
Taking over me

Chorus x 3

You give me something I can’t deny
Something that is so real
I just can't control the way i feel
oh no, oh on (repeat)
(fading) I never felt like this........