Alicia Keys

Letra de Another Way To Die

Letras de Alicia Keys

"Another Way To Die"

JW: Another ringer with the slick trigger finger for Her Majesty 
AK: Another one with the golden tone voice and then your fantasy 
JW: Another bill from a killer turned a thrill into a tragedy 

A door left open 
A woman walking by 
A drop in the water 
A look in the eye 
A phone on the table 
A man on your side 
Someone that you think that you can trust is just 
Another way to die 

JW: Another tricky little gun giving solace to the one that will 
never see the sunshine 
AK: Another inch of your life sacrificed for your brother in the 
nick of time 
JW: Another dirty money, heaven sent honey turning on a dime 


It’s just another way to… 


It’s just another way to… 

You’ve got to…. 

JW: Another girl with her finger on the world singing do what 
you wanna hear 
AK: Another gun thrown down and surrendered took away your fear 
JW & AK: Another man that stands right behind you looking in 
the mirror 


It’s just another way… 

Suit ‘em up, bang bang! 

Bang, bang, bang, bang.