Letra de Just Watching (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Letras de 2Pac

"Just Watching (Feat. Snoop Dogg)"

(2Pac talking)Niggas be paranoid looking at a nigga
all crazy I'm just looking I'm just looking baby
Come On

(DPG talking)All I need is some henny

To me its hard to tell what you really want
Quit acting mean to me
You teasing me the way you flaunt
But you ain't hearing me
Sincerely I'm so attracted pictures of target practice
Making love on my mattress visions getting graphic
So realistic you could grab it It's a proven fact
Baby gotta have it
My love making quite magic
Trix is for kids bunny rabbit
Let a man have it
But you'd be satisfied if you tried my habit
High performance hard to handle
Thinking in the bubble bath while I'm burning candles
Sex me like the slow song
If fucking you is bad baby then I'm so wrong
My feelings so strong
I keep staring like you can't see me
I never planned a scam my thoughts ran freely
There's no need to be paranoid
Ain't nothing popping
I ain't worried bout you man baby girl cause I'm just watching

Just watching not buying anything.