2 Chainz

Letra de Wuda Cuda Shuda (feat. Lil Boosie)

Letras de 2 Chainz

"Wuda Cuda Shuda (feat. Lil Boosie)"

[Hook - 2 Chainz:]
You a wuda cuda shuda ass nigga, ole' wuda cuda shuda ass nigga [x4]
I woulda went there with y'all, I woulda got me a rental
I coulda stunt in the club, I could fuck every ho in the building
I shoulda got me a plaque, I should get me more attention
No, you should shut the fuck up, and leave all the bitchin' to bitches
(Wuda cuda shuda ass nigga, ole' wuda cuda)
(Wuda cuda shulda ass nigga, ole', ole, ole')

[Verse 1 - 2 Chainz:]
She in stilettos she walkin’ all pigeon toed
Really though, when it come to gettin’ dough
If you listen to me I’m so underground
You have to sit on the floor
Ow, I just thought I’d seen a spaceship
Right, Right past my airline
Everybody know I dumps that
White girl like Kevin Federline
Don’t pay me no nevermind
These niggas is buggin’, pesticide
I count money in my spare time
Just paid a hundred dollars for a hairline
Label talkin’ bout what they woulda did
Bet they hustle me and you could be a winner
Girl you eat more pussy than me?
Girl you shoulda been a nigga
Pockets fillin' up like Lymph nodes
Been a go-getter from the get go
Always talkin' bout what you was finna do
Damn broad thought that you were finna get dough


[Verse 2 - Lil Boosie:]
You a wuda cuda shuda ass hater
Wanna be a man so bad homie
They ain't wanna see me get free
If you could you would have caught the stand on me
If I would have shook your hand, I would have been your boy
Now you extra hot since I dun hit your broad
Now you talk a nine, boss spark a nine
You prolly would shoot somethin' if you had some heart
That Bentley come from exotic rentals
Gotta go back Sunday, so you flat broke Monday
Probably could go spend 200 on somethin'
If you was gettin' Boosie money
You in King of Diamonds throwin' counterfeit
You might as well gon' pussy pop on the stage
All these rappers lyin' on records
O-M-G Hip-Hop-Hooray!
And you probably woulda been up in my video
But that was 'fore I went in
Ain't even write me no letter
You a wuda shuda cuda ass friend, busta!