2 Chainz

Letra de This Me Fuck It 1

Letras de 2 Chainz

"This Me Fuck It 1"

DJ Timi Timb, on the 1's and 2's 'bout to give it to ya
[2 Chainz:]
I try, survive
K9's outside
What's life, I strive
I do it, you lie

[Chorus - 2 Chainz:]
This me, fuck it
This me, fuck it
Like this, fuck it
Right here, fuck it

[Verse 1 - 2 Chainz:]
Get mine, take yours
Go far, go hard
Go home, big mansion, front look like a backyard
This me, fuck it
Touch me, bussin
My weed, musty
Treat the Porsche like a
Listen ladies, if ya nigga lame, then I don't wanna fuck ya
Listen ladies, if you ain't wanna waste things, then I don't wanna hug ya
Big money, soldiers
Slept on me, Folgers
My girl, gorgeous
Both pockets, bulges
This me, that's right
Pulled up, stop light
Got out, aight, aight, aight


[Verse 2 - 2 Chainz:]
Timbo, great
Make beats like steak
Chef in tha booth
Make niggas a plate
Make niggas relate
Might dive in a lake
VA, banana clips, Planet of The Apes
Ain't no debate
Ride like freeway
Ride like DJ's
If money talks I'm on three way
Live life, get paid
Been high since 10th grade
Fuck with me get ya rent paid
Cutting up like a switchblade