Andy Shauf

Letra de Quite Like You

Letras de Andy Shauf

"Quite Like You"

Jeremy’s so stoned
I’d be surprised if he saw the tears in Sherry’s eyes
She’s standing in the corner staring at the floor
I wonder what the hell he did this time?

Normally I wouldn’t care to be so bold
Tonight I think I’ll ask her what is wrong
She seems a bit embarrassed and I understand
I say: I wish that you were having a good time

She says: You know I’ve never really met someone like you

I’m not one to speak up but I’ve had a few
So I start cutting Jeremy right in two
I say: I don’t know what you see in him
It seems to me that all he ever does is bring you down

I’m spilling my drink as I really start
Tearing one of my best friends apart
She’s getting uneasy and my drunken speech ends
As my hand finds it’s way to hers

And I say: You know I’ve never really met someone like you

Jeremy walks over
And to my surprise
Sherry puts her arm around his side