Kumbia Kings

Letra de If You Leave

Letras de Kumbia Kings

"If You Leave"

I just can't believe it 
what you telling me right now 
after all that we've been through 
tell me how could this be end 
I just don't understand 

I can't believe the words you're telling me 
you say you're not in love no more and you have to leave 
what did I do to make you feel this way 
please tell me now what can I do to make you stay 

(Oh girl don't abandon me don't you take your love from me) 
girl don't you know that girl without you I'll go crazy 
(please girl don't say good-bye don't make me break down and cry ) 
oh you're my everything 
Girl if you leave 
then tell me what am I suppose to do 
where do I go from here 
with out the love of you without you in my life 
what kind of life would that be 
I'm begging you to stay so don't you take your love from me 

I can't go on without you here with me I really need you 
I'm in pain girl can't you see how much love I truly have for you 
how could you do this to me tell me what can I do 


Baby look at all the things we have been through 
then look into my eyes girl and see its you that I am into 
knew when i met you that I changed my life 
so that why I bought you ice then made you wife 
took you on first class flights 
give you a kiss to make up the fights 
know that I was alright 
did your love get the best of me 
couldnt sleep without you next to me 
give you all my cheese and now you want to up and leave 
got me down on hands and knees and I'm begging you please to hold tight 
started wondering why they say that I man is supposed to cry 
tears from my eyes to let you know I need you in my life 
just so I can make things right 
did everything you told me to 
couldnt help but get close to you so if you leave what am I suppose to do 

(Verso 1)(x2)