Kumbia Kings

Letra de Please Don't Go Girl

Letras de Kumbia Kings

"Please Don't Go Girl"

Yo, now listen to my story folks cause its all real 
and if your out there girl listen this is how i feel 
i never meant to disrespect you in any way 
your mine so neglect what your friends have to say 
Its true i spend more time at work than im with you 
but in this business this is something that i have to do 
quality you time is a valuable requirement 
remenessin' on the days that i should of spent 
but now they went, they gone, cant get 'em back 
all i tried to do is bring my paper stack back 
from the beginning i was winning and its all good 
but now this way its not turing out the way they should 
many things got together i wish i could 
understand where i comin' from i wish i would 
i think about you all time and every minute 
i really can't see my future without you in it 
and thats for real baby 

Please dont go now, dont go girl, you would ruin my whole world 
oh oh girl, dont go 
tell me you'll stay, take me back and stay with me 
and dont ever go away, cause everything gun' be alright 

I aint gonna lie, you bring the best out of me 
i'd rather chill with you instead of running the streets with my peeps 
just the two of us wrapped in the polo sheets 
livin out of dreams, aint that what you wanted from me 
i admit i got a little posessive 
situations got aggressive 
i tripped all the things you suggested 
pride over powered my emotions 
most of the time always coastin and taking love potion 
now im on the couch hugging a bottle 
and drinking slotion, love watched its way into the ocean 
too much commotion not enough devotion 
that left heart roasten now you braggin and boastin 
but thats ok, ill be fine forever you'll be mine i love you till the end of time 
you want me to beg, ha i dont think so, all i can say is girl dont go 


See girl you got me in the sticky ty situation 
dont blame it on me blame it on my simple temptation 
you lead me somehow, someway to my destination 
without you romin' navigation with no calculation 
i know the luther time and gouchi dont mean nothing 
apprieciate everything you do i guess that means something 
i know a lot of times you get up and just leave 
but you do love that is something that i do believe 
i'll give it all up just to get back on your hugs and kisses 
cause when you with me your without all competition 
and know from time to time you might see my eye drifting 
but your the one that takes and catches all my attention 
i know you see them houchy numbers all in my phone 
you're like my OJ and now my juice is all gone 
so give me one more chance and take this last dance lady 
just thinking 'bout you on my life makes me go crazy 
I Love You Baby!