Sara Evans

Letra de Tell Me

Letras de Sara Evans

"Tell Me"

Come tell me something new about you baby
I've been wondering if there's something
I can do for you
you and me may not always agree on the little things
But I am open always, hoping, you'll come tell me

I have loved you from the moment you touched me
Through the hard times and the sunshine
I have loved you

Come lay down, let's be found

Sing me a love song
I wanna stay right here in your arms through the night
I don't wanna be selfish
I wanna give you anything you want from me
So tell me

Put your heart ou, lay it all out on the line
Let me take it while we're making love tonight

You're the one thing in my life that stays the same
Through all the seasons
Everlasting, never changing
You're the one thing

[Repeat Chorus]