Rascal Flatts

Letra de Fallin' Upside Down

Letras de Rascal Flatts

"Fallin' Upside Down"

There's no gravity up here 
It's kind of hard to explain 
Every time I'm holding you 
It's like backwards rain - yeah 

You lift me up like a kite on a string 
Like a bird on newfound wings 
So high on you, I'm floating and flying around 
Your love is like fallin' upside down 

You've got me so lightheaded 
It's a dizzy mood 
Spinning uncontrollably 
And gaining altitude 

[Repeat Chorus]

Look at me 
Used to be, I could keep my feet on the ground 
When you said you could take me higher 
You weren't playing around 
(You weren't playing around) 

[Repeat Chorus]