Junior Brown

Letra de Riverboat Shuffle

Letras de Junior Brown

"Riverboat Shuffle"

All you cotton toters, 
Mississippi floaters, 
Gather all about! 
Gather all about! 
Got some things to tell ya. 
Not a thing to sell ya. 
Listen and you'll all find out. 
What I'm about to say 
WIll take your breath away, 
So, come a little closer, 
Just a little closer, 
Got a lotta news to shout! Say! 

Good people, you're invited tonight 
To the Riverboat Shuffle! 
Good people, we got rhythm tonight 
At the Riverboat Shuffle! 
They tell me that slidepipe tooter is grand, 
Best in Loosianna; 
So bring your freighter, come and alligator that band. 
Mister Hawkins on the tenor! 
Good people, you'll hear Milenberg Joys 
In a special orches-stration! 
Even Mamma Dinah will be there to strut for the boys 
I'n a room full of noise. 
She'll teach you to shuffle it right, 
So, bring your baby;