Jason Boland

Letra de Truckstop Diaries

Letras de Jason Boland

"Truckstop Diaries"

Sitting here wishing and thinking and praying
Wondering what them folks are saying
About me and what I'm doing here
Yeah they're looking like I'm gonna steal their stuff
Brother I tell you I got enough
Just a bag of clothes a tent and a case of beer

This one old boy looks like a roadie from Skynrd
Sucking down his chicken dinner
He's got a rebel flag right there on his grill
And there's another one I swear looks just like Hank
Stopped in here to gas his tank
Buy a pack of smokes and pop a couple pills


Who needs TV when you got a truck stop
Who needs movies when you've got the road
Who needs MasterCard hell you got a visa
And who needs to fix it if it ain't broke

Yeah northbound Cadillac neon lights
Driven by a man you couldn't pay me to fight
I swear I've never seen a zombie until now
Lord he looks like he's been up for days
Swerving through the asphalt haze
And right now id be nervous if I was a cow

And this one old woman with a wagon full o kids
She looked like she just hit the skids
She left his ass this time she ain't going back
Yeah she gonna drop the children off at mama's
She already got them in their pajamas
And a sugar daddy waiting in a Cadillac


This one old boy stopped to use the phone
To tell his woman he'd soon be home
If the highway patrol would let him put the hammer down
And he asked if his hunting dogs were alright
And he just might make it home tonight
The CB says it's clear for four more towns

Well I been sitting here four or five hours
I blew a rod doing sixty miles an hour
Seems like Detroit ain't making them like they did
I'm glad there's all this stuff to see
If it weren't for them it'd just be me
And I do believe I would've flipped my lid