Jason Boland

Letra de Traveling Jones

Letras de Jason Boland

"Traveling Jones"

Well my feet get restless when I sit at home too long
I start staring out the window listening to a highway song
When you think of all the miles that I’ve been
I could use some more time down
But there’s always thought of a better day
There’s always one more town

It don’t take long for that old Travelin Jones to come around
I’m gonna find two-lane blacktop somewhere
Headed south and burn it down
Until it dawns on me that the highway never end
So I take it on back home for a little while til
I get the Travelin Jones again

Well my eyes get heavy when I’ve been on the road too long
I wanna lock the world outside of my door and unplug the telephone
Well it’s a double life I lead, I’m either here or I’m long gone
But I don’t anticipate a change is gonna come,
Cause it’s too deep in my bones

Chorus x2
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