Jason Boland

Letra de She Deserves What She Gets

Letras de Jason Boland

"She Deserves What She Gets"

Getting cut by a woman aint like getting cut by a man
She’ll stick you in the heart and she’s up and gone as fast as can
She burns my throat just like day old bathtub gin
Everytime that I tried I swore I’d never do that again

Cause I was born a peaceful man
But she separates me from my wits
Knowing all the thing she done
That little girl deserves what she gets
I tried sending roses and talking sweet on the phone
She just smiles and sinks her teeth to my bones
And I’m satisfied with it
That girl deserves what she gets

I don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet around no more
She took everything worth taking
Now here I am a-sleeping on the floor
Everytime I try and run I hit her like a barbed wire fence
The day I get over her is the day I stop looking like this


I’m gonna go out and find her
Steal a gun and shoot that woman down
Put her neath my front porch
And stick her in the cold hard ground