Jason Boland

Letra de Mary

Letras de Jason Boland


When those thoughts won't come
I know that the shakes will
I've got no gun to my weary head
Hell I couldn't even hold the barrel still
Everybody loves a catch twenty-two
Damned if you don't, son damned if you do
Outside it's another day that I got to make it through

I know that I said that it'd be all right
It's just going to take a little while
I'm tried to wait with the patience of Job
It's like busting down a prison using a broken file
To each his own, and so on
Think each of us might yeah we might own the wrong one
Yeah there might have been some constant cry
I was just trying to have some fun

Yeah Mary save me cause I'm sinking
Oh won't you please throw me a line
Mary save me cause I'm sinking
Mary I'm running out of time

They say hope springs eternal
I say eternity it springs up hope
It can overload my feeble mind
It's going to go looking for some ways to cope
I found the bottle or it found me
Tried to turn my future into history
Can anybody hear, can anybody see