Jason Boland

Letra de 12 oz. Curls

Letras de Jason Boland

"12 oz. Curls"

I just got to raise this beer and make a toast
I got fired today, now let’s get comatose
Well babe it's ok, I’ll have time to get in shape
Down at Jim’s bar and grill lifting weights,

Doing 12 ounce curls I ain't lazy
It's the exercise that satisfies my mind
Got the weight of the world driving me crazy
I'm taking it away, 12 ounces at a time

Oh I need to improve myself
I’m asking you please to have patience
We may need to seek some professional help
Down at the Retox and Dehabilitation


Forty’s fine, sixteen’s good enough
Well I just want 12 ounces at a time that won’t run out
As long as there’s enough for all of you and all of me
When this place runs out we’ll call it history

So a beer for everybody that can afford one
Tell that barmaid bring me one too
I need to blow job related troubles off my mind
Quit worrying about how I’m getting screwed