Emmylou Harris

Letra de No Memories Hanging

Letras de Emmylou Harris

"No Memories Hanging"

You don't want no more heartaches
I don't want no teardrops
What else is left to talk about
I ain't yours, you ain't mine
The songs don't fit and the words don't rhyme
Old memories keep standing in the way
You lost her, I lost him

Two old hearts just won't love again
They don't need no memories hanging 'round

Since she's gone it don't feel right
I'm better of left alone at night
I ain't faking feeling far away
The days just come and disappear
You can't talk and I don't hear
It don't make no difference anyway
Because I lost her, you lost him


Two old fires just won't burn again
They don't need no memories hanging 'round
No we don't keep no memories hanging 'round