Alan Jackson

Letra de What a day yesterday was

Letras de Alan Jackson

"What a day yesterday was"

Looking through these old photographs
Don't They bring some good memories back
Some of them make us laugh
And some make us cry
I'm glad we've kept all of these souvenirs
To prove that our love was here
Look at how happy we were
Pictures don't lie

If forever should end today
And there's no tomorrow for us
What a day yesterday was

Here's one of us with you calm and cool
But look at me acting a fool 
And here's one of us on the ferris wheel
At the fair
Hey, haven't we had some fun
The best may be yet to come
We may have a hundred years 
Still left to share


Let's close this book of photographs
And let's turn out the lights
And love for the moment
As if it were the last