Alan Jackson

Letra de I Still Like Bologna

Letras de Alan Jackson

"I Still Like Bologna"

Satellite communications 
Long distance 
internet relations 
The world's 
A little faster every day 
I know it's all 
Well and good 
And I don't embrace it 
Like I should 
But I wouldn't wanna go 
Backwards even if I could

But I still 
Like Bologna 
On white bread 
Now and then
And the sound
Of a whippoorwill 
Down a country road 
The grass between my toes 
And that sunset sinking low 
And a good woman's love 
To hold me close 
I like my 50 inch 
HD plasma

Feels like 
They just reach out 
And grab you 
500 channels 
At my command 
I finally gave in 
And got a cell phone 
That I hardly 
Ever seem to turn on 
I guess I never had
That much to say


I got a laptop 
That sits on a desk 
I don't use it much 
Except to check 
On some ole car 
From yesterday 
I kinda like 
That music thang 
You just download 'em 
And you can save about 
Every song 
That's ever been made


Well I guess 
What I've been 
Trying to say 
This digital world 
Is okay 
It makes life better 
Iin a lot of ways 
But it can't make 
The smell of spring 
Or sunshine or lots 
Of little things 
We take for granted 
Every day


Yeah, Bologna 
A woman's love 
And a good cell phone