Luis Fonsi

Letra de You Got Nothing on Me

Letras de Luis Fonsi

"You Got Nothing on Me"

You´re looking at me like you got something to say 
C´mon give it away 
And tell me what you´re thinking baby 

You´re stepping at me like you might have a name 
A time a date a place 
But all you really got is hearsay 

Cause I´ve been holding you 
And I´ve been kissing you 
Been loving only you 
So don´t make no mistakes 

Baby what you got on me is a lover 
not a thief 
I might steal your heart away 
I´ll give you back mine in exchange 
Baby I will always be 
True to you cause I don´t cheat 
So whatever you think 
You got nothing on me 

Why would you listen to what others say 
It´s just people trying to make 
Trouble cause we´re happy 

You should know me by now I´d never stray 
Or try to hurt you in any way 
And your assumptions only make me question 

Why I´ve been holding you 
Why I´ve been kissing you 
Cause I´ve been into you 
Did I make a mistake 

What you want 
What you need 
Is everything I´ve tried to be 

Your friend, no matter when 
Baby you have to believe 
You´ve got all that in me