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Letra de Solitary Serenade

Letras de Zombie Loan

"Solitary Serenade "

When I see your perfect smile
My heart will cry
My broken heart will hide itself in the shadow
In this solitary space
Seems like floating in
To the darkest night

Reachin' for the stars
Talkin' to the moon
With that bravery
When I look up to the sky
And then will pass away
Just the same way

Hold my love again
Wishing on a night for ever
And then, and then again
I will be myself to find a way
Hold my love again
Praying for my dream for evermore
And then, someday again
I will get through the night

All the things unsaid
All the things undone
Lock me in this place
Never let me see the truth
And then will hide away
Just the same way