The Tiger Lillies

Letra de Love Is A Luxury

Letras de The Tiger Lillies

"Love Is A Luxury"

Love it is a luxury
In it I won't invest
It's a monster I will slaughter
My soul it will not rest

Love is a battle
Of grief loss and pain
Old warriors or lovers
Equally disdained

How proud we are to murder
Rape pillage and maim
How glorious to inflict
Indignity and pain

How proud the agony
Of our bayonet's lust
Like a child molester
In our victims we thrust

Love it is a luxury ...

We are the lowest of the low
Pathetic is our pride
Our patriotic duty
Is vile from the inside

Each mumbled word of honour
An empty rotten sham
The flags wrapped round our corpses
Each one of us damned

We lie in holy places
Consecrated by the state
Our religion are mouthpieces
For those filled with greed and hate

Love it is a luxury