Stina Nordenstam

Letra de The End Of A Love Affair

Letras de Stina Nordenstam

"The End Of A Love Affair"

The end of a love affair 
A scene from a film 
Just as familiar 
As the love had been 

I woke and couldn't sleep
Before a word was said
The gap was ocean deep
Between us in the bed 

The end of a love affair
The end of a life
The end of a love affair
Still we both survive 

It didn't take so long
Really just a day
And all the hope was gone
It was clear I couldn't say 

Getting up is easy
Beaten up, still easy
Cutting off is easy
Tearing down is easy 

The end of a love affair
The world is born again
If things doesn't look the same
It's cause they constantly change 

I take your number off the phone
Now I'm on my own
The good days will come
I just need the time