Stina Nordenstam

Letra de On Falling

Letras de Stina Nordenstam

"On Falling"

All of us are falling 
It's in everything 
Hold on to nothing 
Don't count on anything
The earth is falling too
It doesn't stop at night
See this glass is falling
And no I'm not alright 

Even the low are falling
Even the lying
All of us are going down
It's not just the flying 

You're tall and you are skinny
Stunning when you sleep
Ecstasy and sadness
I almost couldn't wash the sheets
Even you are falling
When you're turning out the lights
Strange and lovely facts for us
Who cannot sleep at night 

Even the brave are falling
Even the boring
All of us are going down so
Just try to ignore it 

Even the streets are falling
Look at the houses
All of us are going down and
It's not alright, no 

The cars and the trucks are falling
The buses are kneeling
You're shot and you're going down so
Get used to the feeling