Stina Nordenstam

Letra de Viewed From The Spire

Letras de Stina Nordenstam

"Viewed From The Spire"

Viewed from the spire 
it looks more like a coincidence to me 
Another bomb in the harbour 
But you were there
The place was all crowded but... 

No one crosses the street that way 

It was such a lunatic thing to do
Broken glass all over
I heard the sirens
Her name on the radio 

Should have known there was no escape 

They haven't found him
They say it wasn't professional this time
Just a bomb in the harbour
A love affair
Her room-mate won't listen but I... 

No one crosses the street that way 

She says no, no, how would I know?
'Cause you didn't know her
I hear the sirens
And just suddenly I thought 

No one's gonna say it did not take place