Letra de Deep Inside

Letras de Incubus

"Deep Inside"

It's 3 o'clock
And we ask ourselves
Where are we now?
It seems we've wondered out of bounds again.

Over and over, we ask ourselves why we don't utilize 
Things that are stored 
Deep inside of our brains
I'm on my own and I can't see straight
Am I so stoned that I can't see straight
Man, I've got to find my way back home
But I'm too deep inside.

It's 4 o'clock
And we ask ourselves
Where did I go wrong? 
We passed my house at least an hour ago.


It's 5 o'clock, 
And we ask ourselves
We need to get home! The sun is creeping overhead again
I'm way too deep inside to go home

I've got to get sane.