Letra de Medium

Letras de Incubus


Medium, medium
Waking up I smell the scent of coffee on the brew, and I 
Think about the amount of the sweet
I'd like to have in my cup today
One lump, Two lump
Three lump, four
No half of one, no less no more
Just give me a chance
Let me make up my mind
I'd like a medium blend 
That'll be suffice.

Not too bitter, not too sweet
Just enough to start my beat

Dinner time just rolls around, and I think I crave a steak but
I'm not too partial to the meat
When it's cooked too long and I'm made to wait
Not too much of the parsley
Just enough of the spice
I think I'd enjoy a medium-rare dish with a side of fries.

Not too tender, not too tough
Not too little, just enough

Just a medium

Come Thursday Morn' I smell the pits
But hey, it aint that bad 
I, could of sworn I bathed last week
And scrubbed like a good lad 
I like to stink just a little bit
Just to keep you on your toes 
Yes, The more I stink the more I think
That you smell like a rose.

Not too pleasant, not too bad
Just enough to irk my dad