Letra de Hilikus

Letras de Incubus


About a hundred years ago now
Thought I was left for dead
Soliloquy, she was my... 
A picture, a wake, my metaphoric friend! 
So then I fell in love with an irony named life
It taught me this from that and... 
A picture, a wake
You're gonna be hilikus.

History has a tendency to block out 
The popular beliefs about the leaders of the time
So glisten with my syllables and ponder the thought
Maybe they should have had to dedicate more to it

You've got to be
So good to be
You've got to be 

So I took a walk out side with 

My new found friend and the knowledge imbibe
I figured I'd find another with the same attitude
Yes, then maybe I could talk to someone other than myself! 
The doors are swinging wide open
A positive attitude and the ilk in my pocket 
Had a lot to do with my new found friend, the hilikus.