Hop Along

Letra de Trouble Found Me

Letras de Hop Along

"Trouble Found Me"

Trouble found me sleeping
So i followed it downstairs
Saw mom on the couch
The TV was on - i remember
The sound of the chopper flying low
We didn't know why it was coming
Then they called with the chicken in the oven
It was the chaplain, he said
You came in with your
Haw torn, still talking

I found you in the hospital asleep
I wonder which one of us
Looked stranger then

Once i thought
Being lost was only a part of
Being young
But the old man in the bed
Next to your cot
Was screaming louder than anyone

Saying mama mama mama
Little white mice
Run across my bed
While the nurses play poker outside
Oh my God
How is the other guy
I can't believe someday i'm gonna die