Hop Along

Letra de No Good Al Joad

Letras de Hop Along

"No Good Al Joad"

Put that chicken in your yard
Out of it's misery
It's feathers torn apart, no
Rooster can be more
Ruthless than you more
Stupid than me

I found your
Angel in the crow's nest
It's a god awful mess up here
She's clawed through the floor
Nobody seems to stick around
How much more can you take

Old men fire from their windows
Warning shots over your head
And your dearest friends
Are all coming around with their
Tails between their legs

But your engine is
Still running, although
The gears are covered with grime

Everybody is a little hard to love

You are my favorite because
You're a long shot

You are my enemy
Because you forgot

Generous people, they fill me with doubt
But that's something I'd rather not
Talk about

And no heavy charge can make
Me stay, I'm a
No good Al Joad anyway
I'll never lie in the back
Of no truck

So if you want a whole lot, but
Without getting caught

Babe you better go
Get in line

Everybody is a little hard
To love sometimes

The first person I realized was dying
Thanked everyone for the cake
Soft and low. Now
I can tell the ground
Barely feels my footsteps
As I must go