Hop Along

Letra de Kids On The Boardwalk

Letras de Hop Along

"Kids On The Boardwalk"

José pushed me on the swing
Explained what it was that a B.J meant
His stories were dark and deep like
His eyes your eyes so full of secrets
I guess i loved you right when
My mom said your mom's a lesbian
It's been so long I probably wouldn't know you
If i saw you again

I followed Eric, second through fifth grade
His raspy voice down the long hallway
He liked the dirty drawings i made
Girls with impossible breasts
I tried to sell him one for fifty cents
Now they're in the back of Mrs. Waltz's desk
And i hope i never see that boy again

Young love is in the air
Young love is cheap, i mean, it's everywhere
This ain't no statement of knowledge
It's just my defense

I've been ignoring the cost
Is this love is this love that I've lost
Worst of all ain't nothing big ain't nothing big
About this at all
Honey, I don't want to
Be ok with never
Seeing you again

You kids on the boardwalk
Come back in
To the dry choked up land

I want truth and beauty
I want to love someone simply
I want truth and beauty
I want to love something
Without it having to need me