Bright Eyes

Letra de The 'Feel Good' Revolution

Letras de Bright Eyes

"The 'Feel Good' Revolution"

Come by when you get off work
I will be sitting around doing nothing
We can wait until the sun goes down
Then we will drive off deep into the night
I don't care where we are going
As long as I'm going with you
The summer swells in
With the heat comes a new kind of wanting
Cool nights never cooled us off
Lay around and wait for something to happen
When it is three lonely figures
A bedroom, a basement, she is scared
Which one is sleeping and which one is lying awake?
Which one is sleeping and which one is lying about it?
Afternoon drags on and on
Movie nights that never end
We can hang out all night long
Lay in bed and talk to a good friend
Because you only get older and you probably forget what it is like
The university is quiet today
We didn't clean
We just talked in the bathroom
The girl always gets in the way
Ruined friendships but others replace them
These opinions are poison
I have been drinking them all of my life
I could never replace you
And I could never forget what its like
Step out on a moonlit roof
The radio leads a feel good revolution
Cigarettes and my closest friends
I tell myself that I have to remember this
I have to remember this