Badly Drawn Boy

Letra de A Pure Accident

Letras de Badly Drawn Boy

"A Pure Accident"

Well, for a while it was amazing, and I still think you're the one
As long as we both want the same thing it's not hard to carry on
Just place your hand in my hand, take a walk in this old park
And hang around in the rain 'til it goes dark

I want to ask you questions that I never asked back then
And you could teach me lessons 1 to 10

And on the second first impression I can see how things go wrong
I know this isn't a confession; if it was it would take too long
I know you will forgive me for the things I have done wrong
I'm sorry I never liked your favorite song

But put yourself in my shoes; I will place myself in yours
Something tells me the future could be ours

Well, if you wanna know how I feel, all you have to do is ask
And all things never being easy, I'll give you (well must advice?)
Just take a walk down my street, there is magic in the air
And if you look you will find this thing somewhere

The feeling comes from nowhere and it takes you by surprise
Don't say you've lost the magic in your eyes

As long as we both want the same thing
From the ashes we will rise

Is it a common misconception or a beautiful idea
That we all end up back to your place, or you all come over here
Nobody could have planned it, it's just a pure accident
Well the people came, the people came and went

And I want you to just surround me with your love in your own way
This kind of thing doesn't happen every day

As long as we both want the same thing
Then it all should be OK