Ruben Blades

Letra de The Hit

Letras de Ruben Blades

"The Hit"

A metal shark cuts into the night, 
Spilling the colors of the neon lights 
Papo, the hitman, is driving with his crew, 
The Perez boys. All born and raised in Barrio truth. 
They're looking for a man 
Named "Sweet Tyrone" 
In better days he was a friend 
But is no more. 
He broke the main rule that controls the street: 
Don’t double-cross the ones you love, the ones you need. 

Don't double-cross the ones you love. 
Don’t double-cross the ones you need. 
"Cause you never know. " 
Cause no one can say when you'll need a friend out on the street. 

Don't double-cross.