The Hollies

Letra de Lonely Hobo Lullaby

Letras de The Hollies

"Lonely Hobo Lullaby"

Heading out on my way to nowhere
Just a traveling man
Hitching rides along the highway
From whoever I can
Gotta stop someplace somewhere
And put some leather on my shoes
They're the only pair that get me there
Any horizon that I choose
I know when the cold wind blows
My coat will keep me warm
I've got no woman's love
To call my own
I saw you lying there
A cast-off from another man
So I picked you up took you home
And home is on my back
Lonely hobo lullaby is my song
Lonely hobo lullaby gets me along
My shoes my coat my jeans
And anything else I own
We're a family without a tree
No roots to hold us down
[Verse 1]
[Verse 2]