Steve Miller Band

Letra de Roll with It

Letras de Steve Miller Band

"Roll with It"

There's a plane goin' down the runway 
Believe I better go with with it 
There's a train goin' by the highway 
Believe I better roll with it 

I don't know what's got into me 
All I know is I've got to be free 
Take off all these chains that bind me 
Once I'm gone, you'll never find me 

Did she love you 
Mmmm Hmmm 

Did she need you 
Mmmm Hmmm 
Did she please you 
Mmmm Hmmm 
Did she leave you 
Mmmm Hmmm 

Iiii, Iiii, Iiii, Iiii 
Iiii, Iiii, Iiii, Iiii